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Michał Woroch - Himalayas Challenge_2021


Expeditions allow you to ovecome your weakness. When the struggles of living in a wheelchair overlap with the hardships of travelling, you can forget about your illness for a while and experience the extraordinary! I just love it.

People I share it with also love this. I do it for myself, to give my life some meaning, but I also do it for those, who think they can’t achieve this. I strive to cross the boundaries. Being a person in a wheelchair, I crossed the mountains of Mongolia on horseback, I travelled both Americas in a specially designed car. Now, together with Bartosz Mrozek, we are going to circle the Annapurna. We set the bar high, but we know eveything is possible.

Michał Woroch - Himalayas Challenge_2021

The new target – Annapurna Circuit

Target: One of the most famous Himalayan treks. We called it “the WHEELCHAIRTRIP Himalayas Challenge 2021”. We will hike the trail with the help of specially designed electric vehicles/ landers. I have invited Bartosz Mrozek – a mountain and extreme sports enthusiast – to participate in the project. It was Bartek who inspired me with his passion for hiking and also convinced me that electric landers can cope with a lot. The biggest challenge during the hike is crossing the Thorung La 5416 metres above the sea level.

We are not
afraid of dealing with difficulties. We set the bar high, but we know everything is possible.

We want to show to people with and without disabilities that it's worth to make your dreams come true and that disabilities can't come in the way of the extreme achievements at the Roof of the World.

Prawie na dachu świata Wheelchairtrip most w Himalajach

This is our team for the “Wheelchair trip Himalayas challenge”:

Bartosz Mrozek – et-tatry.pl
Bartosz Malinowski – wielkiszlakhimalajski.pl
Eliza Kubarska – filmpolski.pl
Marcin Sauter – filmpolski.pl
Michał Woroch
Łukasz Lisowski – lisowskicraft
Vytautas Juozėnas Škicas – www.6p3s.eu

Więcej o team.

Media patronage of the expedition

Honorary patronage

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